Window Sun Shade Screens of Austin Texas: A Sign of a Cool Home and a Canny Consumer

Window sun shade screens of Austin Texas are not an unusual sight. Drivers-by see them, usually in shades of brown or black. They cover the windows of Austin, Texas, much as protective netting covers a crib. If your Austin home is not one of those already showcasing window sun shade screens of Austin Texas, you should probably consider making it one in the near future.

If you live in Austin, you know what hot is. Odds are your air conditioner runs more months of the year than it doesn’t. Sun shade screens will never replace air conditioners. However, they can substantially reduce the workload of your cooling system and your wallet. Sun shade screens vanquish heat at it’s source. Windows stay cool, because sun screens will not allow the sun to penetrate. Sun screens will save you a chunk of change, often more than fifteen percent of your usual cooling costs.

You can buy sun shade screens specifically to filter out up to eighty, or ninety percent, of a the sun’s damaging rays. Most Austin homeowners find eighty percent performs the trick admirably. However, an especially brutally sun-beaten window with a western exposure may need a ninety percent filtering screen.

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