The Austin-LuxurySuite is one cool hotel in Austin

The AustinLuxurySuite is one of the cool hotels in Austin due to the accommodations that it provides. Each suite in this hotel features one of a kind artwork. The walls of the hotel were handcrafted out of limestone to give it a truly one of a kind look. Unlike other hotels there is nothing laminated in these rooms from the furniture to the flooring. Everything is made from Red-Oak of Black American Walnut tree wood. This hotel offers a free coffee bar with 20 different blends of coffee to choose from.

There are also snacks that are free of charge in case someone gets hungry. There is unlimited popcorn that can be flavored with many different tasting options. A person can enjoy their coffee and snack while downloading a movie to watch. Each room comes with access to the internet, long distance calling, a copier and fax machine, as well as movie downloads.

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