Staging your Home for Sale in Austin Texas

Staging for homes in the Austin Tx. real estate market is essential for marketing a house. The real estate market in the greater Austin area is highly competitive, hiring the right professional means a quicker sale for the best price. A quality home stager is worth the small fee in order to market the home to greatest amount of buyers.

Paula Hobbs is the premier home stager in the Austin area. She has worked with numerous clients, assisting them in the sale of their homes. Homes in her portfolio range from multimillion dollar luxury estates to elegant lofts in metropolitan settings. She has worked with retirees wanting to downsize to the younger crowd just starting out. Her service is top notch, with reasonable prices.

Homeowners do not always see the beauty of their homes, an interior decorator can accentuate the positive features. With a creative eye, a professional can make any home appealing to the market. A home for sale become a marketable item, requiring a few minor tweaks to give it the best chance of selling. Paula Hobbs has a flair for making each home she works with attractive and appealing for potential buyers.

With reasonable fees, Paula Hobbs can help sell your home faster, ensuring the best possible price.

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