Solar Screens

When changing the solar features of a home or office space one of the first things you want to consider is money and environment. Even if you are just remodeling or you are building something from the ground up you need to keep the ultimate cost down. The sun can damage carpet, wood floors and furniture, draperies and wall paints. So it is very important to keep these harmful rays from ruining your decor. Solar panels can keep much of the solar rays out of your indoor space and away from your valuables.

Solar panels can also keep your utility bills from skyrocketing. These solar panels are a very necessary part of building designs and remodeling projects. The panels are usually made from woven mesh and are attached either directly to the outside of your windows or attached a little further away from the windows outside. These solar panels are offered in many colors, so the exterior of your home or office building will be featured well for street appeal.

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Consider the fact that the sun can influence the inside of your living or working space. You want all areas of your living space to be temperature controlled and comfortable.

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