Shade screens on the neighbors home

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Often, when we’re doing our exterior shade screens for windows installations, we see a home right next door, or in this case, across the street that we have previously put our exterior shade screens on the windows of.

In this case, in this situation, this home that we were working on for this day, it was one that was a referral job from the home across the street. The customer across the street that we put 32 of our exterior shade screens on, they were so pleased that, two years later, they convinced the guy across the street that we were working on, that we did the exterior shade screen job for today, to get the shade screens from us.

As Austin’s Shade Experts, we often get referred by neighbors that are wearing some of our solar window screen sun shading products.  When you good at what you, you get referred.  You can see many referral examples on our website that are there to illustrate for you this.

Now the guy that we were working on today, he told us, point‑blank, he says, my neighbor here has been pushing me for years to get these things from you guys. He said that once he figured out what the pricing was, he used our pricing sheet that’s on our website, and once he figured out what our pricing was, he said he was dumbfounded at how reasonable and affordable the cost was.

He knew it was a no‑brainer. We put on 41 sun-window-shade screens for his house. He has a ton of windows, and his cost was around $1,700 and something. It wasn’t that much for as large of a project that it was.

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