Round-Rock, Texas Solar Screen Installation

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Nine solar screens were used for this Round Rock solar screen installation. We used chocolate fabric with the tan frame, made all of the solar screens out of the 90 percent fabric. Five of these solar screens that we built were arched windows.

This customer was very hesitant and very leery with us using the tan frame around their chocolate fabric. The home has a tan colored exterior, as you will see by the gutters as well as the trim of the home in these pictures. You will see that those are tan.

However, you have the facial side of the home being painted white and you have white limestone. They already have a white and tan look to the home. The solar screens, using the tan frame on top of white window frame, worked very well.

This customer was very leery of doing this. However, once we finished the installation, the customer was ecstatic. They were very happy with how it turned out.  On Josh’s Solar Screen BLOG you can a lot more about solar screen projects like this.

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