Professional Staging for Homes in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas is great place to live, buying and selling a home is a lucrative business. The real estate market is very competitive. Gaining an edge in this exciting environment means finding the best professionals. One way to sell a home quickly is to utilize the services from a professional home stager.
A home stager will highlight the features of the home for greatest appeal to potential buyers.

Paula Hobbs, president and interior decorator has been staging for homes in Austin Texas with tremendous success. Both realtors and sellers have used her services with positive results. She uses a creative touch to bring out the best features of a home. Hobbs works with a variety of home styles, knowing what works for different living arrangements.

Details can make the difference in selling a house or not. She offers three basic services, Accessorizing a home, Furnishing a home with suitable furniture and Occupied. All services are reasonably priced, providing value for the seller. Fees for a home staging service like is a small investment, recouped in the sale of the home. Staging for homes in Austin Texas is a job for a creative professional. Paula Hobbs is the professional real estate agents recommend.

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