Pictures of a 2-Year old installation

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On November 18, 2011, I was driving through this Kyle subdivision, just completed a measurement for a house within this Kyle subdivision. I saw this home that we had previously installed sun blocking window shades on.

We had done this sun blocking window shades installation two years prior, and I wanted to take these pictures to illustrate this installation. You have, on the bottom of the home, the bottom first floor, left‑hand side, we used the 80 percent sun blocking fabric.

All those windows on the front of the home, second floor, we used a 90 percent sun blocking window fabric. This home involved us installing 28 of our sun blocking window shades. I looked it up, and there were 28 of these that we made.

Some of these windows are rather large. There on the left‑hand side of the home, you have two windows. In actuality, there are three windows. We cheated. It’s actually five windows, because there’s two small ones there on the first floor.

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We cheated the arch window. That arch window is a rectangular, non‑opening window with a half‑circle, non‑opening window on top of it. Most of the time, when you have two non‑opening windows mounted on top of each other or even next to each other, most of the time, we can cheat it and build you one big sun blocking shade for those two windows.

If the window is an opening window with a non‑opening on top of it, you’re going to have to have two sun blocking shades. In this case, because it was two non‑opening windows, we were able to build one big sun blocking shade for both of those windows.

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