Number one rule is to allow the buyer to see him or herself living in that home before they leave

When you think of home staging you probably get the thoughts of furniture staging in your head. This is a crucial part of the business but, by no means the whole thing. When you hire a home stagger you are most likely trying to get your home in tip top shape so it sells well on the market. As a home staging business they understand this and want to provide additional services to you that will help you get your home sold even fast. After all you will become a repeat customer for them and they get your house sold quickly. It is a win-win scenario.

Now you will have to contact your local home staging company to inquire about this but, some businesses are also working on improving the outside of the home. You may have heard of “curb appeal” before. Well this is all about the buyers first impression as he or she walks up the driveway. This is a crucial step because a house that looks great on the inside will be difficult to sell if the outside is rundown and dreary. These kinds of updates are usually minor. They often involve landscaping and improving of the front of the house.

When you look at your back patio you may just see a concrete slab with some grass. If it is left like that, then the buyer will get the same impression. On the other hand a home stager will see this space as prime real-estate and a new room for the buyers to enjoy. One common practice is to place an outdoor patio set with an umbrella and a barbecue outdoors. Especially when the patio leads off the kitchen, this outdoor furniture tricks in the eye into seeing a larger house even though you have not changed the dimensions of the wall. If you live in a place like Austin, Texas this is even more important of a selling point. Many buyers want to create a home where they can relax in the warm summers and enjoy spending time with the family. An outdoors space is a great spot for it.

When it comes to home staging the number one rule is to allow the buyer to see him or herself living in that home before they leave. You only have a few minutes to capture the hearts of the buyer. Through proper furnishing you can turn an ordinary house into a warm, welcoming place the new buyer can call home.

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