Kyle TX window shade screens.

Kyle TX Window Shade Screens

When you go to put solar window shade screens on your windows, especially if you’re putting them on the front of your home, you would want to put the shade screens on all of the windows. You do not want to exclude any windows, as the appearance will not be consistent and will not be at its best. As illustrated in this Kyle, Texas home, via this Kyle, Texas window shade screens installation, this customer put the window shade screens on all of the front other windows.

There on the right hand side of the picture, you have a culmination of four windows. You have two smaller windows, and then you’ve got a center window that opens and a half circle on top of that center window. Each window takes its own shade screens. Be sure when you do your estimating that you understand each window houses its own window shade screen.

It is important that you understand that each widn9ow takes it’s own solar screen, take a look at these sources to better understand

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Video : Solar Screens for Windows Mounted Side-by-Side

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