Interior Decoration Education

HomeStagingBiz (1)While you do not need a degree in interior decorating, a good interior decorator has to be very knowledgeable about a large variety of details. The basic elements of interior decorating involve color, lighting, texture, space, and organization.

Staying up-to-date about the newest trends in interior decorating, having a broad background and appreciation for traditional decorating ideas, all helps to make a good interior decorator. It also will give you a leg up on the competition.  Having a strong, thorough background in the history of interior decorating gives the decorator a rich reservoir of ideas and knowledge.

A variety of educational resources are available for the aspiring to be an interior decorator Austin Texas specialist such as; interior decorating magazines, books, websites, and workshops at local home decorating retailers. Urban newspapers often feature a
home design section in the Sunday paper. This is a good way to become knowledge and stay-up-date about the latest trends. Pay attention to how different styles of homes are decorated. This can be done by visiting homes, attending open houses, watching selective TV shows, and movies.

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