Hands-On-Experience as an Interior Decorator

It takes time and experience to become an interior decorator. A decorator, like
a musician or painter, develops her craft over time. On-the-job experience is
one of the best educations for a future interior designer. The obvious place
to start is with your own home. You can even start with a small room or
apartment. Once you feel comfortable with your ideas and skills, offer to help
decorate a friend’s home or apartment. A family member or friend may be at a
point of transition in their life such as a new baby, a divorce, or a marriage.
In many cases, these are perfect times to spruce up or change a living space.
They may really appreciate the help that an aspiring decorator can offer.

Another option is to seek out local retail businesses in the area. Offer your
services for a minimal fee or free of charge. Perhaps help to decorate stores
and store windows for the holiday season. The goal is to learn and develop your
craft. Working for a decorating business or apprenticing with an interior
decorator provides a wealth of experience. Working under the critical eye of an
experienced designer is a good idea. All of these activities are great ways to
acquire hands-on experience.

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