Finding a beautiful vacation rental available by owner

When shopping around for a vacation home there are many ways to find a good deal. The first way to find a luxury Austin, TX vacation home rental is to contact the owner about available dates. For example, if you are looking for a last minute place to stay you may find that you can get a really good deal, below the asking price, for the days you plan to stay. If the room is not already rented, it would go unused and be almost a loss for the owner. The way he or she looks at it, some money is better than no money at all. However, this usually works with individuals and not corporations which heads into my next tip.

Finding a beautiful vacation rental available by owner is the best way for you to find a bargain on the home. There are several reasons for this but, the first is very obvious. Individuals have lower fees to rent out a home. When you rent out a unit through a company there are monthly fees that go along with this service to allow for advertising and management of the unit. Not to mention the added percentage that a management company will take off of every rental. Naturally the owner passes this expense onto you, the renter. The second main reason for lower costs with individuals is to stay competitive. Professional marketing companies spend a lot of money and time advertising and it is hard for an individual to compete. They often will compensate by pricing their units at a lower price than a comparable unit owned by a complex. By being a thrifty shopper and doing a little research before booking you can snag a great deal on a unit that may hundreds of dollars more if it were owner by a large rental company.

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