Different solar screen installations around the area

2018 chocolate brown all window Pflugerville TX solar screen installation.

Here we show a chocolate fabric solar screen installation. These are 80% chocolate fabric solar screens. The three Windows there in a bottom are opening Windows. These are three windows that are made of vinyl. These solar screens got direct which of the outer edge of the vinyl window framing. The three Windows above are the same, play as well got direct screwed. Those are 2 quarter circle solar screens. We can make our solar screens to match the curvature of any type of window.

2018 red brick all window Round Rock  solar screens installation.

This a red brick home that we used our 80% black fabric with white frame solar screens for. At least this side of the home we used our 80% solar screens for.

See how the customer shaded the arched Windows over the front door and the two sidelights to either side of the front door?  Imagine what this home would look like without solar screens on those windows? Often homeowners ask us to leave those windows uncovered, windows around the front door. It just doesn’t look good when you don’t complete these windows.  Shade them all.

For the window over the front door that’s technically a rectangular window with a half circle. Because these do not open we were able to cheat it by building one large solar screen to fit over the both of them.  By doing so it saved the homeowner in cost.

2018 all window black fabric Pflugerville TX solar screen installation.

For this ONE STORY Pflugerville solar screens installation we installed a solar screen on all of the windows.  a Total of 18 solar screens were used for this installation. We use a combination of the 80% and 90% fabrics.  There to the left of that back door we used 90% and for the back door and the two under the patio we used the 80%.

Shading a home in Pflugerville Texas with solar window screens.

This is a home in Pflugerville Texas off of Rowe Lane.  We put solar window screens on all the back windows of this home, and those two windows there on the left hand side.

The reason they put the screens there on those windows on the left-hand side was that from that inside room they didn’t want those windows to be unshaded and the windows they’re on the back side for that same room to be shaded.  So, they wanted all the windows for that room to equally be shaded so that it didn’t look odd while inside that room.

It works for this home doing it this way. Traditionally I’m not a fan of putting screens on one side and not doing all the windows for that side. You can see there on the left side there are three other windows that did not get screens. Because he’s windows that got the screens are behind the fence, doesn’t look all that bad. That fence kind of separates those windows.

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