Creating a home that your clients dream of

Many people decide they want to become an interior decorator because they love the idea of hanging beautiful pieces in a home and creating a finished product that everyone will love.  What most people do not realize, is all the time and effort that must be put into decorating every space.  After talking to several interior decorators I have found that they all agree on one thing.  Each of them spends more than half their day doing research for clients.  By research, I am referring to catalog browsing for different pieces.  You may have not expected this when you first thought of interior decorating as a career but, let us be honest with ourselves; we all know that any client who hires an interior decorator is not interested in having the home filled with pieces that can be found at the local Walmart.

One of the most important parts of being an interior decorator is creating a home that your clients will dream of.  This involves coming up with ideas as well as bringing them together and logically presenting them to your client.  This often means using designed software that creates 3D world for visualization purposes.  However, the second part is to turn that vision into reality.  This means physically shopping for work and purchasing every single piece of furniture and art that you have incorporated into your design.  This can be easier said than done because many pieces are hard to find and can have a long shipping times.  After you have completed research for a few customers your next jobs will be slightly easier since you already have a good idea of where to order from.

In designing a space you will find that most pieces are relatively easy to get a hold of.  That being said, most jobs will involve at least one major piece that is either handmade or having to be shipped from across the world.  I do not know the exact reason for this but, my guess is that each space needs one unique item to draw the attention of the eyes when walking through the room.  This one piece can easily set the tone for the entire space.  You can think of it as the keystone piece of the entire room.  After you bring it in the rest of the room will simply fall into place.  All of a sudden you are going from a blank white canvas into a masterfully painted space.

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