Cool Places to Stay in Austin

Austin is a major tourist destination in Texas, known as the “Music Capital of the World.” There are thousands of places to stay in Austin and finding the Austin Hip Hotels can be very difficult. Here are some cool hotels in Austin: Hotel San Jose is located in the heart of Austin’s art district, and features one of the most legendary bar’s in the city. The hotel features modern furniture and minimalist decor. The Driscoll Hotel isĀ one of Austin’s cool hotels situated in downtown Austin. The hotel features five star amenities, live entertainment, and the very popular Driskill Bar. The Driscoll Hotel is a five-star stay for Austin tourists looking to relax in one of Austin’s most well known hotels. The Hilton in Austin, located at 500 East 4th Street, is one of Austin’s most popular hotels. Only one year old, the new hotel provides spectacular views of Austin and is conveniently located within walking distance of the Austin Convention Center. The last hotel is the Omni hotel, a luxurious hotel located in downtown Austin. Right in the middle of Austin’s bar and music scene, this tiny, but fabulous hotel is a five star stay in one of the best areas in Austin.

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