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Round-Rock, Texas Solar Screen Installation

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Nine solar screens were used for this Round Rock solar screen installation. We used chocolate fabric with the tan frame, made all of the solar screens out of the 90 percent fabric. Five of these solar screens that we built were arched windows.

This customer was very hesitant and very leery with us using the tan frame around their chocolate fabric. The home has a tan colored exterior, as you will see by the gutters as well as the trim of the home in these pictures. You will see that those are tan.

However, you have the facial side of the home being painted white and you have white limestone. They already have a white and tan look to the home. The solar screens, using the tan frame on top of white window frame, worked very well.

This customer was very leery of doing this. However, once we finished the installation, the customer was ecstatic. They were very happy with how it turned out.  On Josh’s Solar Screen BLOG you can a lot more about solar screen projects like this.

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30 solar screen Dripping Screens, Texas installation

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In Dripping Springs, Texas off of Bell Springs Road, we did this 30 solar screen Dripping Screens, Texas installation of which we installed 30 solar screens. We did not put solar screens on every window of this home.

We did upgrade 13 of the solar screens to the 90 percent fabric. The 13 solar screens that we upgraded to the 90 percent fabric are on the front of the home. This customer, being in the country, he was not too worried about the aesthetic appearance of his home.

Read what so many others have had to say about their solar screen installations here.

What he was worried about was that he wanted to keep the sun out of those front windows. He said the front of his home just got blasted by the afternoon sun. He even had us put solar screens on his front wood doors.

You can see by these pictures, you’re going to see those are two half arched, 90 percent solar screens that we built for his wood doors. It is very important that when you build a solar screen and install a solar screen on a wood door that you use wood screws.

I can’t tell you how many installations I have been to whereby installers have put tech screws. Those are screws that are made for metal. They’re made for cutting into metal. They’re not made for wood. I have seen so many installations where customers have put the tech screws. What happens is, over time, those tech screws will come out.

The reason is that the hole that was bored into the wood was not properly done with a wood screw. Therefore, the screw is not in there tightly. There is a hole that’s bored out with the tip of the tech screw creating a big hole so that the thread of the remainder of the screw can fit into that hole.

It’s not the right way to put anything into wood. There’s a reason why there are metal screws, tech screws, and wood screws. We use wood screws only when adhering solar screens to the wood doors or any kind of wood. It’s very important.

You’ll see here on the front of this home the customer did not put screens on his half circles over those four front windows. I don’t think it works very good this way, but the customer was happy with it. He said he was deep out in the country and he really didn’t care. He wanted to save on some of the cost, so he chose to not put solar screens on those windows.

Also, on the windows to the left of the home, you will see that he’s got, it’s not really a half circle, but it’s an elongated arched window over two rectangular windows there. He chose to not put a solar screen on that window either. Nevertheless, he put solar screens on all the other windows of the home to include his back patio door, which was really nice to see.

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Pictures of a 2-Year old installation

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On November 18, 2011, I was driving through this Kyle subdivision, just completed a measurement for a house within this Kyle subdivision. I saw this home that we had previously installed sun blocking window shades on.

We had done this sun blocking window shades installation two years prior, and I wanted to take these pictures to illustrate this installation. You have, on the bottom of the home, the bottom first floor, left‑hand side, we used the 80 percent sun blocking fabric.

All those windows on the front of the home, second floor, we used a 90 percent sun blocking window fabric. This home involved us installing 28 of our sun blocking window shades. I looked it up, and there were 28 of these that we made.

Some of these windows are rather large. There on the left‑hand side of the home, you have two windows. In actuality, there are three windows. We cheated. It’s actually five windows, because there’s two small ones there on the first floor.

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On my Solar Screens BY Josh website you can find my installed solar window screen pricing, reviews of my services, detailed pictures, my contact information and a thorough blog that I wrote detailing some of my many Austin Texas solar window screen installations.

We cheated the arch window. That arch window is a rectangular, non‑opening window with a half‑circle, non‑opening window on top of it. Most of the time, when you have two non‑opening windows mounted on top of each other or even next to each other, most of the time, we can cheat it and build you one big sun blocking shade for those two windows.

If the window is an opening window with a non‑opening on top of it, you’re going to have to have two sun blocking shades. In this case, because it was two non‑opening windows, we were able to build one big sun blocking shade for both of those windows.

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Shade screens on the neighbors home

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Often, when we’re doing our exterior shade screens for windows installations, we see a home right next door, or in this case, across the street that we have previously put our exterior shade screens on the windows of.

In this case, in this situation, this home that we were working on for this day, it was one that was a referral job from the home across the street. The customer across the street that we put 32 of our exterior shade screens on, they were so pleased that, two years later, they convinced the guy across the street that we were working on, that we did the exterior shade screen job for today, to get the shade screens from us.

As Austin’s Shade Experts, we often get referred by neighbors that are wearing some of our solar window screen sun shading products.  When you good at what you, you get referred.  You can see many referral examples on our website that are there to illustrate for you this.

Now the guy that we were working on today, he told us, point‑blank, he says, my neighbor here has been pushing me for years to get these things from you guys. He said that once he figured out what the pricing was, he used our pricing sheet that’s on our website, and once he figured out what our pricing was, he said he was dumbfounded at how reasonable and affordable the cost was.

He knew it was a no‑brainer. We put on 41 sun-window-shade screens for his house. He has a ton of windows, and his cost was around $1,700 and something. It wasn’t that much for as large of a project that it was.

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