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Number one rule is to allow the buyer to see him or herself living in that home before they leave

When you think of home staging you probably get the thoughts of furniture staging in your head. This is a crucial part of the business but, by no means the whole thing. When you hire a home stagger you are most likely trying to get your home in tip top shape so it sells well on the market. As a home staging business they understand this and want to provide additional services to you that will help you get your home sold even fast. After all you will become a repeat customer for them and they get your house sold quickly. It is a win-win scenario.

Now you will have to contact your local home staging company to inquire about this but, some businesses are also working on improving the outside of the home. You may have heard of “curb appeal” before. Well this is all about the buyers first impression as he or she walks up the driveway. This is a crucial step because a house that looks great on the inside will be difficult to sell if the outside is rundown and dreary. These kinds of updates are usually minor. They often involve landscaping and improving of the front of the house.

When you look at your back patio you may just see a concrete slab with some grass. If it is left like that, then the buyer will get the same impression. On the other hand a home stager will see this space as prime real-estate and a new room for the buyers to enjoy. One common practice is to place an outdoor patio set with an umbrella and a barbecue outdoors. Especially when the patio leads off the kitchen, this outdoor furniture tricks in the eye into seeing a larger house even though you have not changed the dimensions of the wall. If you live in a place like Austin, Texas this is even more important of a selling point. Many buyers want to create a home where they can relax in the warm summers and enjoy spending time with the family. An outdoors space is a great spot for it.

When it comes to home staging the number one rule is to allow the buyer to see him or herself living in that home before they leave. You only have a few minutes to capture the hearts of the buyer. Through proper furnishing you can turn an ordinary house into a warm, welcoming place the new buyer can call home.

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House Staging: The Importance and Benefits

House staging is a very tedious and important staple in the home buying process. To correctly stage a home for sale, there are several bases to cover, such as landing the perfect home stager and knowing what feel is being executed to potential buyers. Is the home going to give off a contemporary vibe or be reminiscent of a cozy, country cottage? What areas of the home should be emphasized and enhanced to appeal to the buyer? What is the difference between a staged home and a non-staged home? When staging a home, it is all about how the property is going to appeal to the perfect buyer. It gives the potential homeowner a subconscious feel of what the home might be like with their own personal vision. When it comes to the art of home staging, first impressions are everything.

The house staging process is one that recreates the home. It no longer represents the person who resides inside of it. It is vital to present the occupancy as a model, not as lived in. Within the last few years, the market presents a new steam of buyers who are anxious make their homes stand out among the rest, therefore opening a solid demand for professional home stagers.

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Pop-Decor as your Austin Home Stager

Staging a home involves all of the senses, even touch and smell. A professional
stager is an artist that uses all these senses to coordinate and conjure a
grand vision. In some ways, a costume designer does the same in the
movies—picking out just the right shade, texture, trim and color of apparel
that will deliver the most impact. If it’s a period movie, chances are the
clothing items will be accurate period pieces. There is also a little illusion
and trickery involved, in that staging a room is meant to accent all of its
attributes with the use of certain items or props. Empty rooms make for
lackluster visual subjects and only show stark dimensions. Staging a room or
outside patio deck with the use of furniture and other items can show the full
potential of what a room really looks like or can look like “fully clothed.”

Furniture is used to showcase rooms in such a ways as to set off the décor.
Certain styles, colors and sizes are used to fill empty space and create an
attractive balance. A professional Austin House Stager will know what individual pieces to
use and how they affect the certain “look” they’re after. Light colored sofas,
ottomans, recliners, tables, rugs and beds do well since they “open up” the
room space. However, if accent is required, dark pieces can evoke a different
mood and focus attention. The goal is to show a fully furnished accommodation
but to eliminate any cramped or closed in feeling.

Each room has its own personality or character. The kitchen is the heart and
soul of any home. Kitchens really spruce up if wooden cabinets are rubbed with
scented oil or repainted in a lighter, warmer shade. Kitchen lighting can be
adjusted to either dim or brighten the surroundings. Ceiling panels should be
straight and even (no sags), or replaced if they are cracked. Bathrooms should
remain bright and airy, and displays of scented candles and soaps, towels tied
with ribbons, baskets filled with spa products and exceptionally clean mirrors
do wonders to set off a bathroom. Windows should be equipped with screens and
drapes—nothing detracts from a room more than the sun glaring through a foggy
or dirty window. Dining rooms look less naked and more inviting if attractive
throw rugs are under feet. Strategically placed wall pictures will bring a nice
touch of elegance to a living room or hallway wall. If the home has a small
foyer, potted plants like small palms, ferns or long stem (live or artificial)
flowers go a long ways to show an inviting atmosphere. In fact, any healthy and
green potted plants, small trees or flowers give the environment that “living”
touch, often adding a pleasant fragrance to the house.

Other small but significant items to use in your Austin TX Texas home staging project include custom pillows,
baskets, plastic chair and tables (patio), coffee table books, table and floor
lamps, statuary, wind chimes and other small items that suggest thoughtful
touches. Whatever furnishings, items or props used, the idea is get away from
that skeletal look and present an organic, livable residence that is
well-balanced and roomy.

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Show off your home’s true potential !!

Staging your home to show off its true potential is necessary when you are trying to sell your home. You must keep in the front of your mind that first impressions are important. I know that I have said this before, but I can’t stress to you enough how important it really is.

You want your home to flow; clutter will distract the buyer and potentially turn them off from even considering your home. One of the first things that should be done is putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls, this helps immediately. When doing so, make sure that you choose a neutral color.

HomeStagingBiz (2)

Put down new vinyl tile, this will help bring life back to a tired kitchen, bathroom or laundry room floor. This is inexpensive and you can do it if you choose to.

Stage each room for what its purpose is you don’t want a potential buyer to be confused about what a room is for. Make sure that all the clutter is removed from the room and then stage it as a home office.

Get rid of unpleasant pet odors, this can leave a negative first impression to a potential buyer. Get rid of old carpet that has offensive smells, and replace it with something else, and paint the walls to match.

People tend to love bright, open and airy rooms. They don’t like something that looks dark or dingy open up the shades and let the light in! You can even paint the walls a lighter neutral color to help lighten up the room. By doing this you are increasing the chances of selling your home.

Do you have lots of storage space; people love storage space so show it off. They will open your closets to check out the space so be sure that you have cleaned the clutter from these areas also. Remember, buyers like to feel a nice flow in your rooms, so you can help with this by replacing a square table with a round one; this gives the sense that you have more room to move around and helps to create a good flow to your home.

If you find that you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you may want to consider hiring a professional Austin TX home stager. The cost of hiring one should always be outweigh by what you will be getting in return and that is a quicker sale and more money for your home.

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Home Staging is important.

Home staging is a preparatory process on a home that is put on the market with the goal of making a swift sale at the top dollar price for the property. The actual process is about creating moods and first impressions, crafting an IndteriorDecorBiz (4)overall illusion that makes a house look bigger, cleaner, more inviting, brighter, and most of all superior to any other comparable home. The goal is to hook potential buyers into falling in love with it and buying it. Staging can involve some maintenance, like cleaning, refinishing, repairing and painting, but just as importantly, it has everything to do with dressing the house for maximum appeal. Staged homes sell faster and more often than non-staged homes. A professional  Austin Home Stager can highlight all the positive aspects of a home and detract from any of the negatives, which could be almost likened to magic. What’s more, the cost of hiring a stager will be insignificant when considering that a higher asking price is almost guaranteed. Staging a home properly is an art form, a knack for knowing what clicks and what doesn’t, and many factors are taken into consideration to achieve the overall effect.


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Staging an Austin TX Home

Home staging is basically an art that helps to de-clutter, neutralize, and deodorize your home to make a special place within the buyer’s heart. Home staging is unlike interior decoration, it simply accentuates the interior and exterior appeal of the home to attract potential buyers. Every home buyer rummage around to find a cozy place which they can call their own home, they constantly look for that special corner which will ignite and trigger the homely feeling inside them. Hence, houses which lack that soothing touch and aura fail to survive in the real estate market and instead they merely pine away. Why not add that neutral, calming touch to your own home if you are planning to sell it? I master in the art of home staging with special techniques and will definitely guarantee you the most benefiting results. Your home will sail through the demanding, uprising and competitive real estate market and will surely bag yourself the best price ever.

When selling a home you must always think as a potential buyer and not as a seller. A buyer does not just look for a big piece of land and a few constructed brick walls to invest; they constantly scrutinize every little corner of the property which can blend easily with their emotional parameters to give them the home they are looking for. You must always try to work on those little stuffs which need a little brushing to surpass the drab and monotony of a used property. Just remember what you were looking for when you bought your first home, bring in those little dreams, wishes and emotions back to life. As a professional home stager in Austin, TX I can surely guide you throughout your home selling journey.

First impression is a long lasting impression and as a home stager in the Austin area my sole purpose is to transform your home to be someone else’s home. I basically work very hard on the transitional phase of a home which is to be sold. Why a potential buyer will buy your home when there are several options available in the market? How can your home sustain in a particular buyer’s heart and memory? These are a few things which remain my priority.

My focus ranges from the curb side of your home to the interior of your bathroom. I advise my customers to de-clutter their homes, because clutter is nasty enough to chase off buyers. Did you ever imagine how wonderful an experience it is to work around a well manicured garden and lawn? Well, a neat garden and a tidy backyard are a must. Where the interior of a house is considered a neutral appeal is the best appeal. I will constantly guide you and advise you which furniture’s will portray the long lasting effect on a buyer’s mind. As a professional home stager in Austin, TX I will bring out the best within your home which will attract a wide range of potential buyers.

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Professional Staging for Homes in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas is great place to live, buying and selling a home is a lucrative business. The real estate market is very competitive. Gaining an edge in this exciting environment means finding the best professionals. One way to sell a home quickly is to utilize the services from a professional home stager.
A home stager will highlight the features of the home for greatest appeal to potential buyers.

Paula Hobbs, president and interior decorator has been staging for homes in Austin Texas with tremendous success. Both realtors and sellers have used her services with positive results. She uses a creative touch to bring out the best features of a home. Hobbs works with a variety of home styles, knowing what works for different living arrangements.

Details can make the difference in selling a house or not. She offers three basic services, Accessorizing a home, Furnishing a home with suitable furniture and Occupied. All services are reasonably priced, providing value for the seller. Fees for a home staging service like is a small investment, recouped in the sale of the home. Staging for homes in Austin Texas is a job for a creative professional. Paula Hobbs is the professional real estate agents recommend.

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Staging your Home for Sale in Austin Texas

Staging for homes in the Austin Tx. real estate market is essential for marketing a house. The real estate market in the greater Austin area is highly competitive, hiring the right professional means a quicker sale for the best price. A quality home stager is worth the small fee in order to market the home to greatest amount of buyers.

Paula Hobbs is the premier home stager in the Austin area. She has worked with numerous clients, assisting them in the sale of their homes. Homes in her portfolio range from multimillion dollar luxury estates to elegant lofts in metropolitan settings. She has worked with retirees wanting to downsize to the younger crowd just starting out. Her service is top notch, with reasonable prices.

Homeowners do not always see the beauty of their homes, an interior decorator can accentuate the positive features. With a creative eye, a professional can make any home appealing to the market. A home for sale become a marketable item, requiring a few minor tweaks to give it the best chance of selling. Paula Hobbs has a flair for making each home she works with attractive and appealing for potential buyers.

With reasonable fees, Paula Hobbs can help sell your home faster, ensuring the best possible price.

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Stagers that provide Home Staging in Austin

When your interested in stagers that provide home staging in Austin, you’ve come to the right place. There are three kinds of staging that can be done to your home but it depends on the circumstances of your home. The first kind of staging is for homes that have furntiture in them. The second of kind of staging is for homes that have no furniture in them. This way is highly recommended, but not necessary to sell the house.

It can be hard to show a home without any furniture because the potential buyer’s eye will go to the cracks in the walls or an other imperfection with the house. With the help of the stager, the professional will draw the attention away from the imperfections of the house. The third option is to allow the stager to rent furniture for your space. When you have a vacant home, you can choose to get furniture to enhance the appeal of the house. The purpose of this respective package is that it shows the potential buyer how the space can be used.

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Whаt iѕ Home Staging?

Home staging iѕ аn established rеаl estate tactic, uѕеd bу successful realtors аnd home sellers аrоund thе world. Home staging iѕ ideal fоr unoccupied homes, creating life аnd interest in аn оthеrwiѕе barren space аnd allowing buyers tо bеttеr ѕее thе full potential.
Home staging iѕ thе bеѕt wау tо gеt thе mоѕt money fоr уоur property аѕ уоu bring it tо market. Home staging iѕ аll аbоut designing уоur home with gеtting it sold in mind… аnd fоr mоrе money!

Thе small amount оf financial resources it takes tо stage a home iѕ nоt money spent, but money invested. If уоu think уоu dоn’t hаvе thе money tо spend оn staging уоur home, think again.

Thеrе аrе mаnу simple things уоu саn dо thаt dоn’t cost a lot оf money. Fоr example, taking care оf simple repairs thаt аrе needed will аllоw fоr higher аѕking prices. Yоu саn аlѕо remove оr replace оld fixtures аnd appliances thаt make уоur home lооk outdated.

Home staging соuld bе thе difference bеtwееn selling уоur home quickly fоr a good profit, оr hаving уоur home sit оn thе market fоr months оn end. Furnished homes sell mоrе quickly аnd fоr mоrе money thаn unfurnished houses bесаuѕе it helps thе buyer picture thеmѕеlvеѕ living in thаt space.

Sеvеrаl independent studies hаvе proven thаt staging уоur home results in a faster sale аt a higher price thаn a home thаt iѕn’t staged. Typically, staged homes sold 35% quicker аnd fоr 6.9% mоrе money. Staging уоur home increases уоur chances оf a faster sale аt thе highest expected market value. If уоu’rе selling in a poor housing market, staging уоur home sells it faster, аnd fоr mоrе money in a hot market.

Home staging iѕ thе key thаt unlocks a buyer’s emotions аnd helps thеm connect tо уоur home. Thе rеаѕоn home staging works ѕо wеll iѕ bесаuѕе it sets thе stage thrоughоut thе home tо create instant buyer interest in уоur property.


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