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Kyle TX window shade screens.

Kyle TX Window Shade Screens

When you go to put solar window shade screens on your windows, especially if you’re putting them on the front of your home, you would want to put the shade screens on all of the windows. You do not want to exclude any windows, as the appearance will not be consistent and will not be at its best. As illustrated in this Kyle, Texas home, via this Kyle, Texas window shade screens installation, this customer put the window shade screens on all of the front other windows.

There on the right hand side of the picture, you have a culmination of four windows. You have two smaller windows, and then you’ve got a center window that opens and a half circle on top of that center window. Each window takes its own shade screens. Be sure when you do your estimating that you understand each window houses its own window shade screen.

It is important that you understand that each widn9ow takes it’s own solar screen, take a look at these sources to better understand

Blog Posting : Windows that have been installed by the builder next to each other

Video : Solar Screens for Windows Mounted Side-by-Side

Many more of our Solar Screen Videos can watched here on our website.


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Glass breakage protection from golf balls with solar window screens

Lakeway TX Sun Control Window Shades

Solar window screens affix to the outside of home’s window. Solar window shade screens, the way they correctly install/mount, do not provide glass breakage protection for the glass. These guys often get confused with screens that do provide breakage protection for your glass.

This home sits on a golf course. This customer wanted these heat shade window screens for them to provide shade, but he also wanted something to provide breakage protection of his glass from golf balls being hit from the golf course. Do not confuse the two. Now, if he were able to install the solar window screens about four inches off of the glass, then yes, I could see that they would provide quite a bit of protection for your glass.

Now, these guys, these solar window screens, that’s not how they mount. Watch this solar screen installation video.  They directly mount to the window frame, which places them within an inch off of the glass. If you live on a golf course, and you’re looking for a way to protect your glass, these are something you could use, but you would have to get creative with your mounting techniques.

Like, for this home, we could have made these rascals so that they would screw to the brick of the outside of this brick exterior, not mount to the window frame. It’s not a installation technique that I do, but it’s something I guess you could do yourself. It would involve you having to drill pilot holes into all of the bricks mortar, so it would be an extensive installation process, but, nevertheless, it could be done.

Give us a call if you have questions, our contact information can be found here, and if you want to see what our shade screen pricing is, you can look here.

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Hutto, Texas solar window shades.

Hutto TX Solar Window Shades

If you have a home in Hutto, Texas and are looking for solar window shades, then please visit our website where we will give you our pricing. We service your area. Hutto, Texas is an area that we do quite a few window shade installations at.

Please take a look at this picture here and you will see that the window shade fabric color that we used is the chocolate. We used the white frame. This color combination looks really good on this home, and with your home and our help, we will make sure that your home looks equally as good.

We always give recommendations to homeowners as to what color combinations would look best on their home. In addition, we will always help a homeowner by advising them whether or not they should use the 80 percent or 90 percent solar screen fabric or combination of the both. We are big fans of using the 80 percent solar window shade fabric for the entire house with the exception of those windows that face the West that get four hours or more of afternoon sun.

Be sure to watch our Video : 80% vs 90% Solar Window Screen Pros and Cons

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Champagne framed, solar window screen installation

Lakeway TX Sun Blocking window Screens

As illustrated in this solar screen installation picture, you have a bronze, or brown, framed window. We chose to use the champagne frame. I think the champagne solar window screen frame with the brown window frame turned out beautifully. We used the chocolate fabric and the champagne solar screen frame in combination with the brick exterior and the color of the window frame. It’s an unusual look, but it’s a really pretty look. In these situations, where you have a home that looks similar to this, I would urge you to give this color combination a try.

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Pflugerville, Texas glass window shade screens.

Pflugerville TX Glass Window Shade Screens

As illustrated in this installation, you have a beautiful home covered with our shade screens.  The shade screens provide shade for the glass of the window. You can get shade screens for your window’s glass from a multitude of different suppliers. You can even source these online.

However, getting your shade screens to fit perfectly, and getting them to be made flawlessly is an art and a talent. We are very good at this. We have many years and many, many, many installations under our belt. Our solar window screen installations are almost flawless and they look beautiful as you can see by these pictures.

As illustrated with this beautiful Pflugerville, Texas home, we used the chocolate fabric with champagne frame. The champagne frame really compliments the champagne trim and exterior of this home. The chocolate color really looks good against the stone of this home, as well as the wood used there in the entryway. This home turned out just beautiful.

Take a look at this Pflugerville TX Solar Window Screen installation we have posted here and read the favorable review that this happy customer wrote (sent in) to us.

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Austin TX solar shade screens installation


In Austin, Texas, we completed this solar shade screens installation. These are all 90 percent solar shade screens that you see here in this picture. It is the brown fabric with brown frame. The windows are made using the brown frame, so the brown frame for our solar shade screens was an appropriate fit. This home I remember very well. We did this solar screen Austin TX installation in January of 2012.

The reason why I remember it so well is, it’s hard to tell by looking at these pictures, but that it’s a brand‑new home, and that dirt there out front was actually mud. When you stepped in it, your feet sank considerably.

These guys had brand new grass there on the left side of their patio or sidewalk and I was really cognate about not putting divots in their brand new grass, but it had rained so much that it was just muddy and it was really hard to work around.

One of the things I also remember was having to put the solar screens around the front door and over the front door and, in doing so, your feet are muddy. You don’t want to get mud there on the concrete patio.

What we would do is take our shoes off and go do that. We want to make sure that what we leave behind for you is a presentable product. We didn’t want to trace mud all around the property and get it all your concrete sidewalks and such. When you pulled up to the house, I want you to see this clean installation and then think to yourself man, “These guys were really clean with what they did. They didn’t make a mess out of the place.”

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Hutto, Texas sunshade screen vynil window install

Hutto TX Sun Shade Window Screens

When we (Austin’s solar window screen company)  install our sun (solar) shade window screens onto vinyl windows as illustrated via this Hutto, Texas home, we are very careful as to not cover up the water seepage hole built into these vinyl windows. Take a close look at this picture and you will see that this drain hole is not blocked.

It is very important that you do not block your drain holes with the frame of a sun shade window screen. This Hutto, Texas home has these vinyl windows, and with all vinyl windows, the sunshade window screens have to be direct screwed onto the vinyl windows.

You can also watch our Solar Screen Vinyl Window installation Video to learn more.

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Exterior Pflugerville TX solar sun shade screens for windows

The sunlight that enters a room can increase the temperature in this room. It can take an already hot room and make it even warmer. There is help to those that are suffering from direct sunlight entering their homes. There are exterior Pflugerville TX solar sun shade screens for windows to help keep some of this heat out of the home.

These solar sun shades are installed on the exterior of the home. They act as a barrier between the windows and the sunlight. The light will hit these shades and the heat will be trapped. The solar shades will still allow light to enter the home. The shades can be made to fit a window of any shape or size. The shades will be installed by a professional in the business who can answer any questions a person may have. These solar shades are made from weather resistant materials to be strong and last over time.

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Whу Yоu Shоuld Install Solar Screens

If уоu аrе wondering whу уоu ѕhоuld install solar screens уоu might wаnt tо соnѕidеr thе history оf hоw solar screens саmе about. Thе idea оf a solar screen рrоbаblу originated in thе caveman days. Whеn thе sun bесаmе tо unbearable thе ancient caveman likеlу retreated intо hiѕ shaded cave tо escape thе harsh effects оf thе sun’s rays. Thаt’ѕ ѕо easy a caveman соuld dо it!

Aѕ history progressed аnd mаn began tо build homes оf logs аnd rocks, hе designed windows intо thе house fоr ventilation аnd lighting, аnd outdoor views. Of course, thоѕе windows whiсh wеrе exposed tо thе direct sun created a lot оf heat in thоѕе оld homes аnd hе designed shutters tо close оvеr thе exterior оf thе window tо mitigate thе harsh sun ray’s effects. Whеn hе did this, hе destroyed thе 3 unique benefits thе windows wеrе designed for, ventilation, light, аnd outward view.

History progressed аnd mаn invented cooling. Nоw hе соuld put cooling in hiѕ home аnd open uр thе shutters. If thе sun heated uр thе home tоо muсh hе juѕt turned dоwn thе thermostat tо make it cooler – purchase solar screens. Thiѕ felt good оn thе sunny ѕidе оf thе house but thе оthеr ѕidе оf thе house gоt tоо cold. Sо mаn discovered thе uѕе оf curtains, shades, аnd blinds tо filter thе sun. Unfortunately, аll thеѕе devices did wаѕ slow dоwn thе heat but it eventually саmе intо thе room аnd hаd tо bе removed bу thе “air conditioner”.

Aѕ mаn bесаmе mоrе industrialized hе uѕеd mоrе аnd mоrе energy аnd thе demand caused thе cost оf electricity tо gо higher аnd higher. A solution hаd tо bе found ѕо thаt people соuld continue tо hаvе windows in thеir homes аnd buildings fоr lighting аnd outward views, nоt tо mention ѕоmе fresh air nоw аnd then! Thiѕ iѕ whеrе thе idea оf a solar screen wаѕ invented. Windows hаd bug screens ѕо thе flying insects wоuld nоt соmе intо thе house оr building whеn thе windows wеrе opened fоr ventilation. Whу nоt develop a thicker аnd heavier mesh tо block thе sun’s rays frоm соming thrоugh thе window? Thiѕ wоuld ѕtill аllоw air tо enter thе open window, wоuld lеt ѕоmе оf thе sunlight in tо supplement thе interior lights. Thiѕ wаѕ vеrу important ѕinсе it requires electricity tо operate thе lights, аnd people inside thе buildings wоuld ѕtill hаvе аn outward view!

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Solar Screens Shade Your Windows from the Sun

Solar screens shade your windows from the sun, keeping out harmful rays from the sun which can damage belongings in your home and increase your cooling costs during hot seasons. Solar screens install easily in place of the screens you currently have in your windows. Solar screens not only work to keep the sun’s rays out of your house, but they also keep insects out of your house like the screens you currently have. Solar screens shade your windows from the sun without adding any additional coverings or contraptions to your windows. The screens also increase your privacy during the day, allowing you to have your curtains or blinds wide open while keeping the views from outside of your home at a minimum.

Because the screens are installed in place of your current window screens, there is no additional effort needed to maintain them and they still allow air in so you can enjoy a fresh breeze whenever you’d like while keeping the sun out!

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