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House Staging: The Importance and Benefits

House staging is a very tedious and important staple in the home buying process. To correctly stage a home for sale, there are several bases to cover, such as landing the perfect home stager and knowing what feel is being executed to potential buyers. Is the home going to give off a contemporary vibe or be reminiscent of a cozy, country cottage? What areas of the home should be emphasized and enhanced to appeal to the buyer? What is the difference between a staged home and a non-staged home? When staging a home, it is all about how the property is going to appeal to the perfect buyer. It gives the potential homeowner a subconscious feel of what the home might be like with their own personal vision. When it comes to the art of home staging, first impressions are everything.

The house staging process is one that recreates the home. It no longer represents the person who resides inside of it. It is vital to present the occupancy as a model, not as lived in. Within the last few years, the market presents a new steam of buyers who are anxious make their homes stand out among the rest, therefore opening a solid demand for professional home stagers.

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Tour Austin’s best luxury hotel suite by Video

outside walk wayWhen looking around for a place to stay you will find it difficult to judge a place from the couple of internet pictures you see. While Austin’s best luxury hotel suite is one of the most elegant and affordable places you can stay, how would you ever know that? To be completely honest you wouldn’t before you visit. It is the same as renting an apartment but, at least with an apartment you have an option to tour before signing a lease. When you are looking at a vacation rental this luxury doesn’t exist. Often you are renting a place that is hundreds to thousands of miles away from where you live. Nobody has the time to check out a unit that is so far away.

This is why the owners of the Austin Luxury Suite give you the option to take a tour by video. They understand that you can’t possibly know what the place looks like before you visit so they take every step possible to allow you make an informed decision before booking. They want your next trip to the capital of Texas to run as smoothly as you do and it all starts with choosing the correct rental for you. This video tour allows you to visually see every part of home from the full scale kitchen to the high end barbecue patio out back. This way you don’t run into any shocking surprises when you arrive. The last thing you want is to arrive at a place you booked and say, “Wow this looked much bigger from the picture online.” After touring the home you will see that the owners have nothing to hide. In fact they want you to see all the time and effort they have put into the home to confirm your next trip to Austin is your best vacation ever.

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Glass breakage protection from golf balls with solar window screens

Lakeway TX Sun Control Window Shades

Solar window screens affix to the outside of home’s window. Solar window shade screens, the way they correctly install/mount, do not provide glass breakage protection for the glass. These guys often get confused with screens that do provide breakage protection for your glass.

This home sits on a golf course. This customer wanted these heat shade window screens for them to provide shade, but he also wanted something to provide breakage protection of his glass from golf balls being hit from the golf course. Do not confuse the two. Now, if he were able to install the solar window screens about four inches off of the glass, then yes, I could see that they would provide quite a bit of protection for your glass.

Now, these guys, these solar window screens, that’s not how they mount. Watch this solar screen installation video.  They directly mount to the window frame, which places them within an inch off of the glass. If you live on a golf course, and you’re looking for a way to protect your glass, these are something you could use, but you would have to get creative with your mounting techniques.

Like, for this home, we could have made these rascals so that they would screw to the brick of the outside of this brick exterior, not mount to the window frame. It’s not a installation technique that I do, but it’s something I guess you could do yourself. It would involve you having to drill pilot holes into all of the bricks mortar, so it would be an extensive installation process, but, nevertheless, it could be done.

Give us a call if you have questions, our contact information can be found here, and if you want to see what our shade screen pricing is, you can look here.

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One-of-a-Kind Luxury Stay in Austin, Texas

LuxuryVacationHome (27)

Are you looking for an Austin hip hotel that provides a unique, one-of-a-kind luxury stay complete with complimentary amenities – then look no further than The Austin Luxury Suite. Elegant and upscale, the unique craftsmanship of local Austin artisans is evident in every detail – from the locally quarried limestone walls to the hard wood, hand-crafted cabinetry; the suite is truly an original. A touch of royalty mingled with “rock-star” is the feeling you’ll get when staying in this stunningly appointed accommodation suite. In addition to the elegant and contemporary ambience of the suite itself, this hip Austin Hotel is also replete with unparalleled amenities including a full, projection-style theater, advanced sound system and a fully stocked refreshment bar at no additional cost. In addition, complimentary access to a full service business center is also provided; enabling you to easily luxury-i-ate and negotiate at the same time! The Austin Luxury suite is truly a unique, elegant and trend setting destination for anyone visiting the Austin area!

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Hands-On-Experience as an Interior Decorator

It takes time and experience to become an interior decorator. A decorator, like
a musician or painter, develops her craft over time. On-the-job experience is
one of the best educations for a future interior designer. The obvious place
to start is with your own home. You can even start with a small room or
apartment. Once you feel comfortable with your ideas and skills, offer to help
decorate a friend’s home or apartment. A family member or friend may be at a
point of transition in their life such as a new baby, a divorce, or a marriage.
In many cases, these are perfect times to spruce up or change a living space.
They may really appreciate the help that an aspiring decorator can offer.

Another option is to seek out local retail businesses in the area. Offer your
services for a minimal fee or free of charge. Perhaps help to decorate stores
and store windows for the holiday season. The goal is to learn and develop your
craft. Working for a decorating business or apprenticing with an interior
decorator provides a wealth of experience. Working under the critical eye of an
experienced designer is a good idea. All of these activities are great ways to
acquire hands-on experience.

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