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Luxury suites gives all of the style and luxury of a five star hotel

The luxury suites of Austin provides matchless quality. Adequately known as the “best hotels in Austin,” these suites will take your breath away. Each suite has been beautifully designed down to the smallest detail. Stunning artwork lines the walls, dainty curtains filter sunlight through the windows, a hand crafted table sits in the kitchen with a bowl of fresh fruit waiting on you. These rooms have been detailed all the way down a drawer stacked full of DVD’s for your downtime. There’s not a single thing that hasn’t been accounted for, even silverware and dishes are included. From the stunning artwork to the huge television and beautiful views, Luxury suites gives all of the style and luxury of a five star hotel while at the same time giving you that feeling of home. This place defiantly lives up to its name, and will always be known as the coolest hotel in Austin!

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Hutto, Texas solar window shades.

Hutto TX Solar Window Shades

If you have a home in Hutto, Texas and are looking for solar window shades, then please visit our website where we will give you our pricing. We service your area. Hutto, Texas is an area that we do quite a few window shade installations at.

Please take a look at this picture here and you will see that the window shade fabric color that we used is the chocolate. We used the white frame. This color combination looks really good on this home, and with your home and our help, we will make sure that your home looks equally as good.

We always give recommendations to homeowners as to what color combinations would look best on their home. In addition, we will always help a homeowner by advising them whether or not they should use the 80 percent or 90 percent solar screen fabric or combination of the both. We are big fans of using the 80 percent solar window shade fabric for the entire house with the exception of those windows that face the West that get four hours or more of afternoon sun.

Be sure to watch our Video : 80% vs 90% Solar Window Screen Pros and Cons

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Champagne framed, solar window screen installation

Lakeway TX Sun Blocking window Screens

As illustrated in this solar screen installation picture, you have a bronze, or brown, framed window. We chose to use the champagne frame. I think the champagne solar window screen frame with the brown window frame turned out beautifully. We used the chocolate fabric and the champagne solar screen frame in combination with the brick exterior and the color of the window frame. It’s an unusual look, but it’s a really pretty look. In these situations, where you have a home that looks similar to this, I would urge you to give this color combination a try.

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