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#1 Choice for Luxury Cool Hotels in Austin

Want luxury without the stuffiness? Then try the Austin Luxury Suit in Austin, Texas. It’s the #1 choice when searching for luxury cool hotels in Austin, Texas. Unique and original, the suite is decorated to be truly one of a kind. Watch movies on Netflix on the nine-foot wide projection system with 7.1 channel dolby surround sound. Or catch a program on one of 250+ channels on the 55” LCD hi-def television.
The fully equipped kitchen allows for your own personal creations, or have dining service brought to you on the patio in true luxury style.
Choose from one of the 20+ single-serve coffees teas and settle down in the business center with free, unlimited access to business essentials.
Take a soak in the tub, but oh! Did you forget something? ALS offers a choice in bathroom products and caters to every need.
You’ll never find a cooler hotel in Austin than the Austin Luxury Suite.

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Pop-Decor as your Austin Home Stager

Staging a home involves all of the senses, even touch and smell. A professional
stager is an artist that uses all these senses to coordinate and conjure a
grand vision. In some ways, a costume designer does the same in the
movies—picking out just the right shade, texture, trim and color of apparel
that will deliver the most impact. If it’s a period movie, chances are the
clothing items will be accurate period pieces. There is also a little illusion
and trickery involved, in that staging a room is meant to accent all of its
attributes with the use of certain items or props. Empty rooms make for
lackluster visual subjects and only show stark dimensions. Staging a room or
outside patio deck with the use of furniture and other items can show the full
potential of what a room really looks like or can look like “fully clothed.”

Furniture is used to showcase rooms in such a ways as to set off the décor.
Certain styles, colors and sizes are used to fill empty space and create an
attractive balance. A professional Austin House Stager will know what individual pieces to
use and how they affect the certain “look” they’re after. Light colored sofas,
ottomans, recliners, tables, rugs and beds do well since they “open up” the
room space. However, if accent is required, dark pieces can evoke a different
mood and focus attention. The goal is to show a fully furnished accommodation
but to eliminate any cramped or closed in feeling.

Each room has its own personality or character. The kitchen is the heart and
soul of any home. Kitchens really spruce up if wooden cabinets are rubbed with
scented oil or repainted in a lighter, warmer shade. Kitchen lighting can be
adjusted to either dim or brighten the surroundings. Ceiling panels should be
straight and even (no sags), or replaced if they are cracked. Bathrooms should
remain bright and airy, and displays of scented candles and soaps, towels tied
with ribbons, baskets filled with spa products and exceptionally clean mirrors
do wonders to set off a bathroom. Windows should be equipped with screens and
drapes—nothing detracts from a room more than the sun glaring through a foggy
or dirty window. Dining rooms look less naked and more inviting if attractive
throw rugs are under feet. Strategically placed wall pictures will bring a nice
touch of elegance to a living room or hallway wall. If the home has a small
foyer, potted plants like small palms, ferns or long stem (live or artificial)
flowers go a long ways to show an inviting atmosphere. In fact, any healthy and
green potted plants, small trees or flowers give the environment that “living”
touch, often adding a pleasant fragrance to the house.

Other small but significant items to use in your Austin TX Texas home staging project include custom pillows,
baskets, plastic chair and tables (patio), coffee table books, table and floor
lamps, statuary, wind chimes and other small items that suggest thoughtful
touches. Whatever furnishings, items or props used, the idea is get away from
that skeletal look and present an organic, livable residence that is
well-balanced and roomy.

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