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Pflugerville, Texas glass window shade screens.

Pflugerville TX Glass Window Shade Screens

As illustrated in this installation, you have a beautiful home covered with our shade screens.  The shade screens provide shade for the glass of the window. You can get shade screens for your window’s glass from a multitude of different suppliers. You can even source these online.

However, getting your shade screens to fit perfectly, and getting them to be made flawlessly is an art and a talent. We are very good at this. We have many years and many, many, many installations under our belt. Our solar window screen installations are almost flawless and they look beautiful as you can see by these pictures.

As illustrated with this beautiful Pflugerville, Texas home, we used the chocolate fabric with champagne frame. The champagne frame really compliments the champagne trim and exterior of this home. The chocolate color really looks good against the stone of this home, as well as the wood used there in the entryway. This home turned out just beautiful.

Take a look at this Pflugerville TX Solar Window Screen installation we have posted here and read the favorable review that this happy customer wrote (sent in) to us.

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30 solar screen Dripping Screens, Texas installation

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In Dripping Springs, Texas off of Bell Springs Road, we did this 30 solar screen Dripping Screens, Texas installation of which we installed 30 solar screens. We did not put solar screens on every window of this home.

We did upgrade 13 of the solar screens to the 90 percent fabric. The 13 solar screens that we upgraded to the 90 percent fabric are on the front of the home. This customer, being in the country, he was not too worried about the aesthetic appearance of his home.

Read what so many others have had to say about their solar screen installations here.

What he was worried about was that he wanted to keep the sun out of those front windows. He said the front of his home just got blasted by the afternoon sun. He even had us put solar screens on his front wood doors.

You can see by these pictures, you’re going to see those are two half arched, 90 percent solar screens that we built for his wood doors. It is very important that when you build a solar screen and install a solar screen on a wood door that you use wood screws.

I can’t tell you how many installations I have been to whereby installers have put tech screws. Those are screws that are made for metal. They’re made for cutting into metal. They’re not made for wood. I have seen so many installations where customers have put the tech screws. What happens is, over time, those tech screws will come out.

The reason is that the hole that was bored into the wood was not properly done with a wood screw. Therefore, the screw is not in there tightly. There is a hole that’s bored out with the tip of the tech screw creating a big hole so that the thread of the remainder of the screw can fit into that hole.

It’s not the right way to put anything into wood. There’s a reason why there are metal screws, tech screws, and wood screws. We use wood screws only when adhering solar screens to the wood doors or any kind of wood. It’s very important.

You’ll see here on the front of this home the customer did not put screens on his half circles over those four front windows. I don’t think it works very good this way, but the customer was happy with it. He said he was deep out in the country and he really didn’t care. He wanted to save on some of the cost, so he chose to not put solar screens on those windows.

Also, on the windows to the left of the home, you will see that he’s got, it’s not really a half circle, but it’s an elongated arched window over two rectangular windows there. He chose to not put a solar screen on that window either. Nevertheless, he put solar screens on all the other windows of the home to include his back patio door, which was really nice to see.

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The Austin-LuxurySuite is one cool hotel in Austin

The AustinLuxurySuite is one of the cool hotels in Austin due to the accommodations that it provides. Each suite in this hotel features one of a kind artwork. The walls of the hotel were handcrafted out of limestone to give it a truly one of a kind look. Unlike other hotels there is nothing laminated in these rooms from the furniture to the flooring. Everything is made from Red-Oak of Black American Walnut tree wood. This hotel offers a free coffee bar with 20 different blends of coffee to choose from.

There are also snacks that are free of charge in case someone gets hungry. There is unlimited popcorn that can be flavored with many different tasting options. A person can enjoy their coffee and snack while downloading a movie to watch. Each room comes with access to the internet, long distance calling, a copier and fax machine, as well as movie downloads.

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Austin TX solar shade screens installation


In Austin, Texas, we completed this solar shade screens installation. These are all 90 percent solar shade screens that you see here in this picture. It is the brown fabric with brown frame. The windows are made using the brown frame, so the brown frame for our solar shade screens was an appropriate fit. This home I remember very well. We did this solar screen Austin TX installation in January of 2012.

The reason why I remember it so well is, it’s hard to tell by looking at these pictures, but that it’s a brand‑new home, and that dirt there out front was actually mud. When you stepped in it, your feet sank considerably.

These guys had brand new grass there on the left side of their patio or sidewalk and I was really cognate about not putting divots in their brand new grass, but it had rained so much that it was just muddy and it was really hard to work around.

One of the things I also remember was having to put the solar screens around the front door and over the front door and, in doing so, your feet are muddy. You don’t want to get mud there on the concrete patio.

What we would do is take our shoes off and go do that. We want to make sure that what we leave behind for you is a presentable product. We didn’t want to trace mud all around the property and get it all your concrete sidewalks and such. When you pulled up to the house, I want you to see this clean installation and then think to yourself man, “These guys were really clean with what they did. They didn’t make a mess out of the place.”

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