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This is an one of kind Austin VRBO

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This is an one of kind Austin VRBO that is in a class all by itself. This is a VRBO that you can enjoy the stay here and enjoy the town. This is a luxury VRBO as this stands apart from any other VRBO here in Austin, TX. This is a suite that is unique and full of beauty, and you will enjoy the stay here. This is in the heart of Austin, and sits on private property as this is close to major highways.

This is close to everything, and this is for the person who wants to try something different. It is for those who want to stay in the cool hotels in Austin TX, and it is for the people who like art and refined beauty, but it is for the people who like privacy. This is a special VRBO that you can stay in that offers that it’s interior and exterior is breathtaking and unique, and that you can escape from all the bustle of everyday living.


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Home Staging is important.

Home staging is a preparatory process on a home that is put on the market with the goal of making a swift sale at the top dollar price for the property. The actual process is about creating moods and first impressions, crafting an IndteriorDecorBiz (4)overall illusion that makes a house look bigger, cleaner, more inviting, brighter, and most of all superior to any other comparable home. The goal is to hook potential buyers into falling in love with it and buying it. Staging can involve some maintenance, like cleaning, refinishing, repairing and painting, but just as importantly, it has everything to do with dressing the house for maximum appeal. Staged homes sell faster and more often than non-staged homes. A professional  Austin Home Stager can highlight all the positive aspects of a home and detract from any of the negatives, which could be almost likened to magic. What’s more, the cost of hiring a stager will be insignificant when considering that a higher asking price is almost guaranteed. Staging a home properly is an art form, a knack for knowing what clicks and what doesn’t, and many factors are taken into consideration to achieve the overall effect.


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Pictures of a 2-Year old installation

c2011a (1)

On November 18, 2011, I was driving through this Kyle subdivision, just completed a measurement for a house within this Kyle subdivision. I saw this home that we had previously installed sun blocking window shades on.

We had done this sun blocking window shades installation two years prior, and I wanted to take these pictures to illustrate this installation. You have, on the bottom of the home, the bottom first floor, left‑hand side, we used the 80 percent sun blocking fabric.

All those windows on the front of the home, second floor, we used a 90 percent sun blocking window fabric. This home involved us installing 28 of our sun blocking window shades. I looked it up, and there were 28 of these that we made.

Some of these windows are rather large. There on the left‑hand side of the home, you have two windows. In actuality, there are three windows. We cheated. It’s actually five windows, because there’s two small ones there on the first floor.

c2011a (2)

On my Solar Screens BY Josh website you can find my installed solar window screen pricing, reviews of my services, detailed pictures, my contact information and a thorough blog that I wrote detailing some of my many Austin Texas solar window screen installations.

We cheated the arch window. That arch window is a rectangular, non‑opening window with a half‑circle, non‑opening window on top of it. Most of the time, when you have two non‑opening windows mounted on top of each other or even next to each other, most of the time, we can cheat it and build you one big sun blocking shade for those two windows.

If the window is an opening window with a non‑opening on top of it, you’re going to have to have two sun blocking shades. In this case, because it was two non‑opening windows, we were able to build one big sun blocking shade for both of those windows.

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Some of Our Interior Decorating Services We Offer

Interior Decorators

Looking for quality interior decorators in Austin TX? It can be difficult on your own to decorate your home and get the look that you want. By hiring interior design experts you’ll get the right look in nay room of your home. Pop Décor is here to serve you for all your home decorating needs.

Why Pop Décor?

At Pop Décor we understand how difficult it is to get the right look in your home and our home decorating services can help you turn any ordinary room into an extraordinary one. We use our expertise and creativity to create outstanding design for any room in your home. A nicely decorated home shows off your own individual personality and allows for both a functional room as well as an attractive one to relax or work in.

Save Time

By hiring our experts you’ll save yourself a lot of time. You may not have time to decorate your home in the way you want if you work all the time. Our experts can come to your home and decorate your rooms whenever you have the time for us. We understand that you have various preference and ideas for your rooms so we will work with you to ensure that you get just the right look that you want.

Ends Frustration

At Pop Décor we can end your frustration when it come sot decorating your home. We know all the latest styles and can make any room in your home come alive in just the way you envision the room to look. We can also give you recommendations and show you various styles and designs that may work for the room. We offer a 2-hour design consultation for you to discuss your needs. Call us at 512-743-3682 or visit the Pop Décor website.

Some of Our Interior Decorating Services We Offer:

Find the Right Colors – Our service will help you find the right colors that work with your room

Furniture – We can arrange your furniture so it looks great in the room so it is more functional and organized. We can also show you new furniture pieces that can accent the room.

Accessories – We can show you the right accessories to use in your room to add accents and to add variety to the rooms so everything looks great.

New Home – We can show you how to make your new home look great. If you have just moved in, you may not know how to organize your furniture and other items in the home properly.

Deals – We can help you find the right deals so you save money on your home decorating needs. Our services can get discounts at many home decorating stores.

Hire Our Services

Here at we can meet all your home decorating needs. Our services can also get your home ready for home staging so you get more buyer interest in your home. We are a top notch home interior decorating Austin TX choice in the Austin TX area. Visit or call us at 512-743-3682 to discuss your home decorating needs.

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An interior decorator is one part artist and one part psychologist

Interior Decorators

Though many people believe that there is no skill involved in picking pieces for a room and arranging furniture, it takes real savvy to know what will work in a specific room and for a specific client. The goal of this Austin Interior Decorators firm is to maximize the potential of any space, converting a cramped or drab space, into a relaxing, beautiful room.

During the initial client meeting, the interior decorator makes note of the client’s needs for the room, and then surveys the specific space to determine how best to achieve the desired look in the space provided. Look through some of these interior decorator’s pictures. One of the main issues that drives a client to an interior decorator is a too small or too large space. Too small rooms often feel useless, as functional furniture can often make these areas feel tight and even smaller than before. Similarly, an exceptionally large room can be difficult to harness and use properly, without it looking empty.


The problem may simply be that the client has no particular design aesthetic. As a result, their spaces look disjointed, cluttered, and uneven. A skilled decorator can look at a room and determine which piece should stay, which should go, and which need to be replaced with something more cohesive. They also know how to angle a couch or chair so that it makes the most of the space, to create an inviting seating area, a friendly table, or to both foster conversation and allow everyone a good view of a television. Sometimes, angling a piece of furniture can open up a small room or appropriately close off a large one.

In addition to the furniture and furniture arrangement, interior decorators also spend their time choosing paint colors, appropriate flooring, and room accessories. Depending on the needs of the specific client, a decorator may be responsible for the styling and details of an entire house, utilizing their skills to create both distinct rooms and a cohesive personality for whole home. Some decorators work with real estate agents, to ensure that every room of a house for sale is fully taken advantage of.

An interior decorator is one part artist and one part psychologist. Not only must they listen to their clients, they must understand the underlying needs of the situation, in order to pick the colors, furniture, accessories, and arrangement that best suits the architecture of the house and the personality of the client.

Many believe interior decorators to be prohibitively expensive, however, decorators who have been in the business for many years will also often have connections with companies that supply furniture and other home décor, and many are able to get discounts for their clients, which can make using a decorator actually cheaper than attempting to design a room alone.

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luxury suites are located in the middle of Austin

Austin, Texas is a fun filled and historical city and certainly is a very nice one to visit. When in this beautiful city, a family needs to find a place to stay and what better place to inquire about accommodations than Austin, Texas has its luxury hotels and with, you are going to get the best living and boarding quarters that one could ask for.

These luxury suites are located in the middle of Austin and that allows for a person to be within easy and short distance of all of the major attractions of the city. They are decorated and designed to cater to the wealthy businessman and entertainer but is affordable for those of us who do not fit that high society client list. One of these Austin luxury suites will be something that a family will be able to remember and to be able to talk about for the rest of their lives.

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Shade screens on the neighbors home

c2011a (1)

Often, when we’re doing our exterior shade screens for windows installations, we see a home right next door, or in this case, across the street that we have previously put our exterior shade screens on the windows of.

In this case, in this situation, this home that we were working on for this day, it was one that was a referral job from the home across the street. The customer across the street that we put 32 of our exterior shade screens on, they were so pleased that, two years later, they convinced the guy across the street that we were working on, that we did the exterior shade screen job for today, to get the shade screens from us.

As Austin’s Shade Experts, we often get referred by neighbors that are wearing some of our solar window screen sun shading products.  When you good at what you, you get referred.  You can see many referral examples on our website that are there to illustrate for you this.

Now the guy that we were working on today, he told us, point‑blank, he says, my neighbor here has been pushing me for years to get these things from you guys. He said that once he figured out what the pricing was, he used our pricing sheet that’s on our website, and once he figured out what our pricing was, he said he was dumbfounded at how reasonable and affordable the cost was.

He knew it was a no‑brainer. We put on 41 sun-window-shade screens for his house. He has a ton of windows, and his cost was around $1,700 and something. It wasn’t that much for as large of a project that it was.

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